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Are you staring at a blank page? You know blogging is valuable for your business but you're not sure what to write about. Or maybe, you've got a lot of things you could write about but you'd like some direction.

I've got you. 

Download this free starter plan so you can start writing engaging articles about your business and bring people to your website.

You will:

  • Have a flexible plan you can use whether you want to write once a week, a fortnight, or a month.
  • See what to write about first so you can grab people's attention right away
  • See ways to write about your business from different angles

There's a colour version and a printable low colour one you can put on your desk so you know what to focus on.

Who is this for?

Owner-managed businesses that want to use content marketing to raise their profile and attract their ideal clients.

Hi, I'm Rachel

Rachel Extance speaking on stageI work with coaches and consultants who are building businesses based on their experience and expertise. 

A former journalist, I help you to find the many stories in your business and share them in a way which is relevant and engaging for your ideal clients, linking in to your services.

Blogging is a brilliant way to bring people in to your business, show them how you can help, and enable them to make a purchase decision which is right for them. 

When you sign up for this PDF download, I will send you email prompts to help you make the most of it so you can start your business blog and make it easier to share your work. 

Go ahead and click the button. Put your details in the box and you can start writing the first article.

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